Host a Screening – USA

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you share Song of the New Earth with your community.

(Note: this information is for US screenings only – visit this page for international screenings )

Where can I host the screening?
In your home, at your local theater, Yoga center, Church or any other community venue. You can charge for tickets, ask for a suggested donation, or make it free – it’s up to you.

How much does it cost?
Here are our one time screening fees:
Up to 25 people: $50           (plus a 50/50 split of ticket sales)
25 – 50 people: $100.00    (plus a 50/50 split of ticket sales)
50 – 100 people: $200        (plus a 50/50 split of ticket sales)
100 – 300 people: $300.00   (plus a 50/50 split of ticket sales)
300 – 500: $500                      (plus a 50/50 split of ticket sales)
500+  – Email us at [email protected]

What you will get:
-DVD of the film (for you to keep)
-PDFs of official poster to help you promote the event
-Promotion on our website and Facebook page

What’s next?
Contact our team to book your screening. Email: screenings (at)

How do I pay?
Once you have confirmed your date with our team, you can make your payment either with a check payable to Sophia Films Inc and mailed to PO Box 125, Port Townsend, WA 98368, or by selecting your screening size and clicking the paypal button below.

Please confirm your screening date with our team before making your payment – thanks!

Screening Size

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51 Responses to Host a Screening – USA

  1. Amanda Kent says:

    I am in the UK and would like to host a screening post your Nov 1st date. Could you out me on the mailing list for this is there is one? Otherwise I will try and remember!


    Amanda Kent

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Amanda,
      We’re thrilled to hear you’d like to host a UK screening. I will add you to my list, and will be in touch to plan details in September. Thanks, Sophie

    • tanya says:

      I am UK too and would like to see this film when it is released. Please keep me posted! 🙂

      • Song of the New Earth says:

        Hey Tanya – thanks for the message. If you sign up for our newsletter we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the film in available in the UK. If you’re interested in hosting a screening yourself, I can add you to our list of hosts and will connect with you when we are able to begin planning events (this will mean you’ll receive the DVD before anyone else!) Thanks, Sophie

  2. Wendy says:

    I don’t have time to host a screening; I just want to watch the movie. Would it be possible to offer it on Netflix or allow 24-hour access for a rental fee online?
    Congratulations on finishing your movie! It looks fantastic!

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Wendy,

      Thanks for your message. The film will be released on DVD and to stream (probably directly from this website, rather than Netflix) in November. At the moment it is touring the US theatrically, and at community screenings. I understand that this should be frustrating, but it is a necessary process in the launching of the film.

      Some people are hosting ‘living room’ screenings, where they gather their friends together and screen the film at home – perhaps this could be a good option for you? Please email me at [email protected] if you’re interested!

      Thanks, Sophie

  3. Sue Dempster says:

    Hi there,

    When will the video and possible hosting of an event be available in Australia…Western Australia…Perth..?


    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Sue,

      Thank you for your message. The Song of the New Earth DVD will be available in Australia by the end of the year. It will be available for screenings from Nov 1st – please email me if you’d like to host a screening: [email protected].

      Thanks, Sophie

  4. Dear Sophie,
    Congratulations on the launching of the movie. I cannot wait to share it with our community. We have a wellness center in Mission Viejo, south Orange County, and would like to host a screening. Please confirm a date with me.
    Thank you,
    Edilma Avendano

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Edilma,

      Thanks for your message – how great to hear you’d like to host a screening in Orange County. You are see to do this anytime this summer or fall, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the screenings contract and we can arrange a date.

      Thanks, Sophie

  5. Anne says:

    I have been attanding Tom Kenyon’s amazing workshops for many years and would welcome the chance to spread the sound of his work. I am in Nürnberg, Germany. Please let me know when “Song of the Earth” is available. Thank you!

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Anne,

      Thank you for your message. Song of the New Earth will be available in Europe by the end of the year. It will be available for screenings from Nov 1st – please email me if you’d like to host a screening: [email protected].

      Thanks, Sophie

  6. Denise Davis says:

    Hi Sophie, I live in Melbourne, Australia and have attended one of Tom’s 5 day workshops which was amazing! I would love to host a screening in Melbourne if you could add me to your list when it becomes available.

    Warm regards,

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Denise – great to hear that you’d like to host a screening in Melbourne. Thank you! One of the film’s executive producers lives in Melbourne – perhaps you’ll be able to collaborate to create a screening. I will add you to our list of Australian hosts and will connect you two in August, when we can begin to plan your screening. With love, Sophie

      • Denise Davis says:

        Thank you Sophie, looking forward to it. Love Denise

        • Benjamin Volynchook says:

          Hi – I’m travelling through Australia. Currently fruit-picking in Mildura, Victoria.
          I would love to attend/co-host a screening in Melbourne.
          Please keep me informed.

          King regards,


          • Song of the New Earth says:

            Hi Benjamin – thanks for your message – I’ll add you to our list of Australian hosts and be in touch when the film is available for screenings there. Thanks, Sophie

  7. Maria says:

    Love the preview and thinking about being a screening host. That said I don’t know how many people or how it will go. If I do a small one and it turns bigger and bigger (which it will as I am creating that) do I just keep a going and keep you updated with the progress? This will be a blast!! can’t wait to get started!!
    xx thanks

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Maria,

      Great to hear you’d like to host a screening! And yes totally, you can just start with a small one and watch it grow. You can pay the lowest screening fee, and add extra if you end up getting more than 25 attendees. When you are clear on a date and venue, shoot me an email at [email protected] and we’ll get the ball rolling.

      Thanks, Sophie

  8. Susan Fritz says:

    Tom’s work has done so much for deepening my personal connection with spirit and my love of Tara. I have a small yoga meditation. Studio and would love to have a screening.

  9. Denn Stewart says:

    I would like to host a screening in our area for approximately 180 people in our area soon.

  10. mica monet says:

    I am very excited about sharing this film. I have been receiving the same downloads in the film. A wonderful confirmation of the guidance I am receiving about traveling and doing Sound Healing Activations around the world.
    Much Love and Gratitude! Mica Monet

  11. Evelyn Patriquin says:

    My friend Beth(Amyot) and I are sincerely interested in hosting a screening in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. We have never done this before and will appreciate your guidance. We are inspired in particular by Tom Kenyon’s work with sound and attended a workshop/training with him in Seattle in September, 2004.
    Thank you for Song of the New Earth.
    Looking forward to your response.


  12. Joy says:

    Since a few years I follow the work of Tom and I would love to host the film in Holland.
    Please add me to your list.

  13. Hello,
    We, An and myself, live in Belgium and we would love to host a screening.

    So please add us to your list.

    Much love.
    An & Marc

  14. Per and Lotta says:

    Hi! We have seen the DVD several times and we love it!
    We would like to host a screening here in Sweden in October at a Yogainstitut. Is it ok for you?
    We have a overtone – meditationgroup and the yogaplace is a perfect place with a lot of gongs.

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Per,

      Great to hear you love the film! Currently, it is not available for public screenings in Europe, however, we believe it will be in November 2014. I’ll add your name to our list of European hosts, and we’ll be in touch towards November. Thanks, Sophie

  15. Crystal says:

    I stumbled upon this film just yesterday at a local old movie theatre in Pennsylvania. I do believe that someone or something led me to it (the Hathors?). I LOVED it. I absolutely want to see and hear it again, and have told many others about it! THANK YOU!

  16. Ana Medina says:

    I would LOVE to host in Northern Virginia soon! I can’t wait to see it!

  17. Brenda says:

    I would love to host an in-home screening of your film with several close friends and fellow seekers. My home will probably only hold approximately 20 people in the viewing area. I have no desire to ask anyone for payment. I would love to just be able to invite them to my home for a viewing and grand discussion following. Can I make this work with you? I do not have a date in mind yet. I have just recently put it out to my friends to find out who would be interested. Once I know how I can manage this with you, I will work towards a viewing date. Thanks so much!!!

  18. Michael says:

    Hello, my friends and I would like to host this film with our new Meetup Group in Fl, called Tribe of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen. We are truly inspired with Tom’s work, and his music really resonated with our hearts.
    We don’t have a date yet, but planning to have it in 2-3 weeks. Once we find out how many people are interested I will let you know the date.
    Looking forward to see the film!
    Love and Light

  19. Aloha,
    I have a healing center on Kauai devoted to the energy and vibration of the dolphins. I would like to host a screening. Probably sometime in December would be good. I need at least two weeks to promote the event. Please let me know how I can do this.

    Jeanne Russell

  20. In communication with Betsy Casse today we set February 27 as a screening date in Woodland Hills, CA. She plans to attend. We are excited and really looking forward to this event. I will mail a check to you. Best regards, Dr. Janice Kalec

  21. Gord says:

    Love to screen it. For Arts Council Conejo Valley. donation of say $15 ok?

  22. Julian says:

    Would love to screen it in the coming months in Melbourne, Austalia

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Julian,
      The film will be touring NSW, Australia in March / April. We’d love your recommendations for place we could screen it; yoga studios, spiritualist churches, community centers. Or perhaps you’d like to organize a screening? We’re waiving the screening fee for all screenings during the Aussie tour! Please email [email protected] for more info. Thanks, Sophie

  23. Lydia says:

    Hi, I loved the Song of the New Earth and have a community who I think would be very interested (lots of sound healers around here!). I’m in Stoughton (Boston area) and considering hosting a screening – I probably have room for about 20 or so people in my home, but if it becomes larger there is a local meditation hall which could fit something like 50-60+ people, maybe more…
    Is this something that could happen in July or is that too short notice?

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Lydia,
      Great to hear you’d like to screen the film in Boston. Yes, July would work for your screening. Please email me at [email protected], and we can set it up.
      Thanks, Sophie

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