August 29th
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Song of the New Earth’ 3 stars
A heavy dose of mysticism drives this stimulating new documentary by Northwest-based filmmaker Ward Serrill, who won prizes for his 2006 basketball movie, “Heart of the Game.”
But whenever “Song of the New Earth” threatens to flirt with New Age clichés, Serrill grounds it with the true story of Tom Kenyon, a singer-musician, Brahms fan and Jungian seeker who grew up the son of a big-band singer and became a showbiz success on his own.
Through his music, and particularly his own freak voice (four octaves), Kenyon became fascinated with the relationship between sounds and the human brain.
He also claims to have made a connection with angels and advisers from Venus (illustrated with goofy animated sequences) who teach him about the nature of the cosmos.
Be that as it may (and the movie, which was shot partly on Orcas Island, invites you to be skeptical), Kenyon is no cockeyed optimist. He believes “we’re in a dark night of the soul right now,” and who would argue with him?
What saves him from becoming a humbug is a sense of humor and proportion. While he may believe in extraterrestrial forces, he’s not forcing those beliefs on the audience.
~John Hartl

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May 16th 2014
seattle-times-logoThe Seattle Times Review

Song of the New Earth’ 3 stars
Filmed partly on Orcas Island, this world-premiere event is the work of local director Ward Serrill, who won prizes for his basketball documentary, “The Heart of the Game.” This heartfelt documentary couldn’t be more different. Managing to avoid New Age clichés for the most part, it’s an enthusiastic portrait of Tom Kenyon, the son of a Big Band singer, who became a professional musician, a versatile singer, a Brahms fan and a Jungian seeker who thinks we’re experiencing “a dark night of the soul right now.” Serrill and Kenyon plan to attend both SIFF screenings. 7 p.m. May 16 at Pacific Place; 3:30 p.m. May 17 at Pacific Place. — J.H.

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    Tried twice to pre-order movie. Would not respond after submitting order with all info. Please respond.

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    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Hi Betsy, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with your order. I want to remedy that asap and have sent you an email. Thanks, Sophie

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