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Tom Kenyon Tibet - Photo Credit Adrienne Koteen

Tom Kenyon in Bhutan – Photo Credit Adrienne Koteen

Tom Kenyon holds a B.A. in Communication and Speech from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling from Columbia Pacific University. He also pursued post-graduate training in Ericksonian Medical Hypnosis at the Southeast Institute and Certification in Whole Brain Learning at the Whole Brain Learning Institute.

 He worked as a psychotherapist and counselor for over twenty-five years in private practice, and in 1983 he formed Acoustic Brain Research to scientifically study the effects of sound and music on consciousness and the brain.

 As a result of his over ten years in brain research, Tom’s work is centered around the use of sound and music as a means to create altered states of consciousness for the purpose of accessing the brain/mind’s unused potentials.In addition to his focus on neuropsychology and psychoacoustics, Tom teaches each of the five major systems of transformation: Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Egyptian High Alchemy and esoteric Christianity.

 Tom teaches workshops and leads tours all over the world. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Brain States, and the fantasy sci-fi novel, Mind Thieves. He also authored The Hathor Material and co-authored The Magdalen Manuscript with his wife, Judi Sion. He is a featured author in The Great Shift. He has produced over 100 CDs and cassettes.

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5 Responses to Tom’s Work

  1. Frances says:

    Can someone who has almost NO hearing benefit????

    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Frances – that is a very good question. I would refer you to Tom’s website –, where you should be able to email Tom and ask him this question.

    • Lynda Ariel Phoenix Hagen says:

      Absolutely. I studied under Tom and I have hearing loss.
      The bones of your clavicle can receive sound vibration directly and benefit from sonic therapy. Where there is sensory impairment, the body is capable of utilizing alternate pathways to compensate…such is the marvel of our organic blueprint!

  2. Happy to have found you and your work!
    I use my harp’s music and sounds to heal people…it has been and will continue to be I’m sure a very interesting and amazing journey!

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