Listening to You

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What the audience is saying…

“The story of Tom’s journey from skeptical psychologist to mystic/Buddhist/Taoist/agnostic/quantum healer and eventual channeler of the songs the new Earth wants to sing is beautifully told, totally human, and often funny. Congratulations on bringing a vital message to the world in such an approachable and understandable way.”
~CM, Olympia, WA

“This film cut through the fiction, easing us in with irreverent humor, and slowly replacing graphic devices & the singer’s story with the song. Relax into the simple weirdness of true calling & joy of life & go experience this film!”
~KSJ, Seattle, WA

“Ward and Sophie were able to blend a powerful and balanced display of the visual, story line, music, animation, narration, and deeper theme of one’s relationship with, and experience of, spirituality. No simple task! It flowed seamlessly with exquisite beauty and grace.”
~JR, Seattle, WA


Tom Kenyon performing in a temple - Photo Credit Ken Ballard

Tom Kenyon performing in a temple – Photo Credit Ken Ballard

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6 Responses to Listening to You

  1. Vincent says:

    Thank you, I just discover the Sound Meditations of Tom Kenyon with great benefic and deep gratitude. Happy for your film.

    So delighted that I jump on for Vienna last European Workshop for 2014 with Tom.

    It may be possible to handle a projection of your film in Europe, in France where I live,
    to spread the Sound and the Word.

    See you soon,


    • Song of the New Earth says:

      Dear Vincent – sounds great! Song of the New Earth will be available in Europe by the end of the year. It will be available for screenings from Nov 1st – please email me if you’d like to host a screening: [email protected].

      Thanks, Sophie

  2. Harry says:

    Iwas about to write this write this on my Facebook page ,so I guess this is what you call synchronicity,,I was going to write about it because August 1988 is the month that I used a set of cassette tapes from John David Learning Institute California thinking that the $750 that I paid for the 4 cassettes would raise my IQ about 20 points and make me a much more creative artist, I had used subliminal tapes for 8 years and when they told that there were no imbedded messages on the tape I almost didn’t order them my weekly pay was about 150.00 a week , I was told John David had been healing people with sound , the sounds on the tapes were healing sounds from around the world!
    The set I would buy was a limited edition called Utrla Intelligence , only 1000 sets would ever be produced, seemed like a good investment after saving forever I order my set !
    Because it healed the body that sold me, I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet 68-69, malaria, agent orange, back injuries, I figures it would help!
    Reading the instructions it said a side effect was it might get rid of addictions , I followed the instructions carefully, for over 20 yrs. I got drunk every weekend , and swore I loved beer so much I would never give it up, after 3 weeks of listening to the tape on friday nite out buying my supplies for dinner , a big steak, cheese a few vegetables, I went to get my 6 pack of 10 oz. beer and instead I got non alcoholic beer!
    And that was the last time I drank alcohol!
    I finished the course , and spent 5 days at a seminar in California , Dr. John David was a master of sound !
    Unfortunately he died of a heart attack before I could meet him , But I will never forget how sound saved my life , I have meditated almost every week for 33yrs. And am listening to medatative programs to this day, this month a series from the Monroe Institute , Thank You for asking! Harry Beam Ft Worth Texas!

  3. I loved, loved the film!! Already an appreciative fellow student,Washingtonian, singer-songwriter, musician influenced by the cosmos, I have benefitted tremendously from Tom Kenyon’s work. It was a pure treat and joy to watch him along his travels, tell his stories, and to hear and watch him share his humor and gifts.

    The film was fun, beautiful and engaging in telling this story some might find absurd. Those of us serving as healers and mystical teachers are well-acquainted with supernatural and astounding events occurring daily. This film provides an opportunity to introduce Tom’s story and consciousness shifting gifts with a wider group that I am grateful for.

    Thank you, again. Beautifully done and so much fun! My spirit was brightened and lifted to new heights as never before in a movie theater. 🙂

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